Kevin Tran

Website Manager | Team Tech

Currently working and editing for Martin Leslie, I have the title of Co-Founder of LANFEST.TV. Throughout life I have been great with computers and editing. I currently work in the PC building/engineering business.

Jennifer Hartman

Producer for Team Legendary

I am a spontaneous teenager that is always on her toes and constantly laughing. I enjoy making people smile and taking pictures of my friends. I also spend a lot of time at the beach reading and writing poetry.

Valerie Matanguihan

Staff Writer | Producer

Call me Val! I am a 17 year old-12th-grade puppy lover! My hobbies include spending time with my family and friends and making memorable adventures. I enjoy reading romantic novels, taking pictures, going on late night drives, and exploring nature!

Arlene Heredia


I love coming with new ideas and editing videos.

Breanna Benavides


I'm a fearless honey badger that likes to eat veggie burgers with a fork and knife. I could say that I'm an optimist but sometimes I just look at things the way they are. I love nature and pretend I'm an old pioneer whenever I go hiking. I have a passion for art, music and photography.

Erin Jocom

Im a girl that prefers to be outside all the time, exploring new areas as i possibly can. I'm just your average girl that's trying to succeed as much as she can in the world.

Parker Stephenson

Camera 1 | Floor Director | Teleprompter | Graphics | Audio

Maybe the rock-star lifestyle would be fun, but I don't want to live that life and a girl that's looking for that is not for me. While my story might be Rolling Stone worthy, I do work hard, pay my bills, enjoy the company of my friends & family ... while enjoying myself like I was a rock-star on tour.

Ryan Anthony

Hi, I'm Ryan and I'm into stuff and stuff and making videos and stuff. Just ask me in person if you want to get to know me

Salamah Khreiwesh

Audio Engineer

Face of the Pioneer Press. Varsity wrestler currently out with injury. Fought in the World War I and World War II. I'm good at audio and modeling, #TeamInteria