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Blast From the Past: Life of a Young Fish

I’ve always wanted a pet growing up and every day I would bug my parents for a dog or snake, but according to my mom, “I’d be the one stuck taking care of the dog, and your fathers afraid of snakes”. Well when I was about 4 or 5 years old my parents caved in and got me a fish, DO NOT BE MISTAKEN THOUGH fore this was no cheap carnival goldfish, this… was a black and blue Betta Fish. I picked him up from Pet Smart and   named him Butch..(looking back i don’t know why I chose that name) but from then on Butch and I were hombres. I would pretend to talk to him and he would listen and I would even put a controller in front of his bowl when we played PS2


So flash forward a year later where the action happened. I just moved into a new house and in the midst of unpacking and moving inside SOMEONE *cough cough* my brother left him outside on a cold night  (I later found out my neighbors had cats) When I woke up the next morning I was freaking out where could my fish be… So I went on my porch and he was there.. just chillin… He probably didn’t even realize he was in danger so that was very interesting.


One fine evening I came home from school and my parents were sitting in the kitchen waiting for me. At first I thought my dad was going to start teasing me about girls so I didn’t really want to be in there too long because he always teased me. My mom then sat me down and told me about the death of my fish… I cried.. and asked if he died peacefully in his sleep? (FISH DON’T SLEEP, FOOL) my mom went along though and said he died peacefully.


If your still reading at this part which for some reason I doubt *tear tear*. So at this point I’d like to give a shout out to my mom. Most parents would have just flushed a fish in the toilet, but my mom actually gathered a funeral for him and bought pizzas and invited people so thanks mom I LOVE YOU. After saying a few words about my friend, we buried him in the backyard and that was the end of Butch the fish 2005-2007.


So that’s all to my story… I want another fish now

P.S the featured image is not a Betta fish, but I’m pretty sure that’s obvious.