Valerie Matanguihan

My Junior Year Experience

As the school year is starting to come to an end, I look back at what I have accomplished and experienced in the past nine months; and there has been a lot that...

Are Teachers Getting Paid Enough?

My name is Valerie.  I am a junior in high school and I have seen many students speak to their teachers disrespectfully. People need to understand that teac...

D.I.Y. Home Remedies For Beauty!

Hey ladies! (And some gentlemen!) Ever needed a salon and spa quality pamper day, but couldn’t afford it? Ever struggled with brittle hair and nails, or annoyin...

Valerie Matanguihan

Staff Writer | Producer

Call me Val! I am a 17 year old-12th-grade puppy lover! My hobbies include spending time with my family and friends and making memorable adventures. I enjoy reading romantic novels, taking pictures, going on late night drives, and exploring nature!