Kyle Davidson

DIY: Drawing

          As an artist, I have heard questions so many times, such as "How do you do that?", "How long have you been doing it?", and "Ill never be able to draw"...

Review: Destiny the Taken King

Back in 2014 Bungie, the game studio that brought us the magnificent Halo, brought us a new game, Destiny. A free roaming multiplayer action packed game made to...

Game Review: Until Dawn

The new horror-themed video game titled Until Dawn, by Supermassive games is quickly coming up into popularity for those looking for the type of game that will ...

Kyle Davidson

Technical Director | Student Ambassador

Well to start off, I'm very friendly and I enjoy making people laugh or just happy in general. I find myself to be a very analytical person I study others well to know how to communicate with them, and this helps me with sociability, and my personal hobbies include art, gaming, and hanging out with friends