Kristine Cui

A Plant-Based Diet

As a child, I viewed vegetarians and vegans as inhumane. I could not imagine a world without meat, nor did I want to. Up until December 20,2015, I consumed nume...

Top 8: Memes

Among selfies and typical couple photos posted on social media, memes are pretty much our go-to for entertainment while we scroll through our newsfeeds. Don't g...

Review: One Punch Man (Anime)

One-Punch Man is a fairly new anime that aired October-December of 2015. Although it has risen to the top rather quickly within the past few months, the success...

Kristine Cui

Anchor | Script Supervisor

Salutations fellow humans! :) My name is Kristine Cui but you can call me tonight hehe. I am a senior at Western high school and on the varsity tennis team. I love spontaneous adventures, poetry, flowers and making peeps smile. Live every moment like it's your last!♡