Jonathan Camacho


Comic Book Review: Batman Origins

                            Stories have been around since the beginning of time and through the ages they've contained the tales of epic heros. From the gre...

Starwars: The Force Awakens review

The very much anticipated and awaited 7th installment of one of the world most inspirational and influential series is finally here! and critics say.. its not a...
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Helpful Tips For Students In Wheelchairs

Hey all, today I'm going to talk about the trials and tribulations of having to attend school in a wheel chair. Recently I've broken my ankle and had to get som...

Jonathan Camacho

Hey I'm jonathan , I enjoy dungeons and dragons and LARP. my least favorite fruit is bananas and my absolute favorite fruit is mangos. I'm extremely skilled in the arts of medieval combat and my passions are comics, art, cosplay, and cinema.