Over the years, I have gone through the 4 components of addiction. As an adolescent who was not only the biggest but the largest as well. Giving up sugar was one of the hardest things I had to do. I gave up drinking soda when I was in the 4th grader after finding out I was close to becoming a diabetic. I guess weighing 180 pounds in the fourth grade doesn’t really come with many benefits. After giving up soda I felt as if there was nothing I couldn’t do. You could say that’s when I truly learned the art of perseverance, I remember convincing myself to go for long tedious 3-hour runs. The notion would always start off the same. “If you can quit drinking Dr. Pepper you can run your fatass 2 laps.” From 2 laps it would go to 3, from 3 it would go to 4, and so on until I found myself to be the weight I desired. Sugar, however, was not someone I could easily get rid of. Sugar was there when no one else was around. During the first couple weeks of giving up soda, I remember sneaking to the garage to pop-open a nice cold one before my brother would catch me. I bet him $20 I could quit drinking soda before he could.

I was addicted and the only way out was to fake it to you make it. For days on end, I would bite my nails to keep from thinking about soda. The cross sensational craving would almost devour me from the inside. I fought hard to prevent any relapse especially cause I couldn’t afford losing twenty dollars. According to the article “What Happens to Your Brain When You Give Up Sugar”, by Jordan Gaines Lewis when undergoing sugar withdraw we see the similar four stages of withdrawal from an addiction. It doesn’t surprise me based on my experience from cutting soda out of my life. This also helps explain why Americans are known to be the most obese people in the world. We are constantly exposed to various foods in which all contain a great amount of sugar. It’s about time we change our ways and start focusing on a more nutritional diet. For the future of America’s health as well as our future children.

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