This is it. After 12 years of waking up in the morning, going to school, and doing homework, we’re finally graduating to do it all over again — but in college! As this school year comes to an end, we all take time to reminisce on the memories and experiences that we’ve had along our journey through school, especially high school. High school is the most important part of a students life because that’s really where they grow and mature to become the people they are. Right when they walk through those school doors as freshman, their journey begins. Being a senior, you start to recall all those things you should and shouldn’t have done which is why this is specifically for you — the naive and old freshman me.

For starters, I want to confirm that you don’t turn out being a multibillionaire by the end of high school. You end up going to UCSB and graduating with many distinctive awards and honors, which should make you pretty proud. But like all other human beings, there are a few flaws about you that I wish I could have changed.

First of all, don’t be afraid of expressing who you are! You shouldn’t care about any negative comments or pessimistic views that you have about yourself. You’re perfectly fine the way you are and it’s only your responsibility to confidently express that part of you. That part of you is what makes up who you will become and it’s what makes you the unique individual that you are. Trust me when I say that once you show your true colors and show your true self to the world, your life will be happier and filled with more joy than ever before.

Something else I recommend you do starting freshman year is BE INVOLVED! Throw yourself out there and join clubs and other programs starting your freshman year! Keep in mind that band isn’t the only thing that this school has to offer! Join ASB sooner, take on leadership roles, continue Key Club. There’s so many things you could do beginning your freshman year and it’s better to start now instead of waiting until your junior year to start doing it. You know that it’ll pay off in the future because you’ll make great experiences and will make memories that will last a lifetime!

Other than what I listed, there’s not really much else I would recommend for you. Everything else you did was pretty much executed alright. You’ve made your memories, had your experiences, and you’ve left your mark on Western High School. Remember to do what you love and keep true to yourself because in the end everything you’ve done pays off!

Dear Freshman me, you did good.

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