Spring is the time of year where flowers are blooming and bees are buzzing, and families join together to enjoy simple picnics at the park. Have you ever thought about how flowers particularly bloom in the spring? The amount of beauty and vibrance they bring can’t come around every year just for nothing. People particularly feel that flowers bloom with a meaning within them- here are a few that bloom this season and the meaning behind their vast beauty.


Tulips are closely associated with the symbol of fame and love. However, different colors of the tulips connect with their own separate meanings. For example, Red Tulips are seen as a statement of love. Yellow Tulips represent sunshine and happiness. White Tulips represent eternal love. Muti-colored tulips reflect the beauty of one’s self.


Interesting Fact: Dahlias were used to make an early form of insulin for diabetics. Now, Dahlias are reflective of their color and structure. Yellow Dahlias are representative of positivity and being optimistic. Single-Colored Dahlia illustrate the good taste in aesthetics that people while while Multi-Colored Dahlia are a way of saying that you’re always on someone’s mind.


Gerberas are symbolic of innocence, purity, and beauty. Like many other flowers, their distinctive colors have their own unique meaning. Yellow Gerberas generally illustrate a more cheerful tone. Red Gerberas represent a passionate and energizing attitude. Pink Gerberas represent calmness and soul lifting. Orange Gerberas are representative of robust health and White Gerberas are more attractive to an adventurous and exciting personality.


Camelia flowers are symbolic of admiration, perfection, and good luck. Their respective colors are representative of their own symbolic meaning, of course. White Camelias represent adoration and loveliness. Pink Camelias represent sexual desire, and Red Camelias represent fierceness and strength.


Anemone flowers represent expectation and anticipation. Interesting Fact: Anemones were thought to ward off illness in historical periods. It was even said that it grew under the cross where Jesus was crucified, which needless to say, shows its strength and power.


Peonies are closely associated with wealth, prosperity, and good fortune of marriage. They bloom in May an having them around the house will attract the symbolic sense of wealth, romance, and prosperity-a few of the main values in a happy life.


Orchids are symbolic of love, luxury, and beauty. In ancient Greece, women believed that if the father ate large, new orchid tubers, the baby would be a boy. They also believed that if the mother ate small orchid tubers, she would give birth to a girl. Nowadays, the exotic flower represents the fortune of many children and mature charm.

It is believed that all flowers come with a meaning. Their beauty and exotic nature has much good fortune that people believe will attract good vibes to lead a happy life. Their symbolic meaning definitely spreads positive attitudes and provides those who encounter it happiness. Their meaning can’t hardly compare to this power they possess.

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