Science, as complicated as it may seem, is very cool. The fact that every phenomena in the world can be reduced to a simple scientific process is amazing. However, there is still so much out there that we do not know. While some things will require more funds for research, the reality is that there are a great many things that we will never know due to the limits of time and human nature. We may never know what is waiting on the other side of a black hole, the probability of string theory vs quantum theory, or if intelligent life exists outside of earth. That said, it is important to look at every theory with a grain of salt; the proof of one theory will always disprove another one. Now, here is one theory that you may not know of, that will blow your mind; You are the president… at least somewhere in the multiverse.

Imagine this, right now, you are not sitting in front of your computer, but rather you are outside walking your dog accompanied by your twin sister. Now, for those of you who do not have a twin sister, nor dog, I was not wrong in assuming, but telling you that you do indeed have both of those things, at least somewhere in the Multiverse. The Multiverse is a theory that there exists in the universe, parallel worlds. When I say universe I Ean the universe as a whole as opposed to the observable universe, which is what we can see (Earth, moon, sun, etc.). Physicist have come up with three different theories for how the multiverse works, but for our purposes we will be discussing the “Many Worlds” theory.

What the many worlds theory claims that perhaps every time line that could or can happen, has happened in alternate “earths” within the multiverse. Essentially, for every choice you have to make, the path that you did not take will exists in a multiverse, and the same for that alternate earth, and so on into infinite. Even though there is no way of telling where we belong in the multiverse, we call our earth “Earth 1”. Therefore, every alternate earth would be called Earth 2, 3, 4 and so on. Now, as I previously mentioned, there are any scientific theories so it’s important to take this with a grain of salt; the multiverse may be a product of wishful thinking. There is however, science behind it.

Most scientists theorize that space-time is flat and infinite. The logic is, if space-time is infinite, it must repeat at some point because there is in fact a finite number of ways that particles can be arranged. Meaning at some point in the universe, there will be many repeat copies of earth. Remember that the universe as a whole is not observable to us. To us, the observable universe is only what we can see, and we can only see the things the light has had time to reach. We can only see a very small fraction of what actually exists out there. So the next time you and yourself thinking “what if” or wishing you were doing something better, remember that you have and you are. You do own that cool car, you do have that amazing job, and you are dating your crush… somewhere in the multiverse.

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