As the school year is coming to an end, everybody has been carefully looking through the different, intriguing electives Western has to offer — and that is why Psychology is here! Psychology is an elective class that many take to know more about how peoples’ brains work.  Many students who want to pursue a career as a therapist, psychologist, or even a neurosurgeon, or merely just want to know how people think and react to certain situations tend to take this class.  Many students find this class very intriguing because it analyzes about how a person acts the way they act.

The class consists of taking notes throughout the year about books they read.  They take notes throughout the whole year and students say that Mrs. Jensen adds a twist to her lesson which is what makes it interesting.  They read books on topics like alcohol, drugs, sociopaths, and bipolar disorders. All these topics are interesting and makes it difficult to put the book down.

Many students said that they found out a lot of things that they didn’t know about how a sociopath becomes a sociopath or even about how alcohol affects the body and your life. Many students find the class to be interesting and one of their favorite classes — a class more intriguing than any of the other classes they have ever taken.



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