Our school’s Boys Volleyball season is right around the corner!  It starts in about two weeks, actually — the first game is on February 28th against John Glenn High School!  Our boys team isn’t totally known for having the tallest club players, unlike other schools, but what the boys team does have is their heart, dedication, and commitment to this sport.

Our boys have been through intense practices and really have been improving!  Andy Ho (libero) always has precise passes that go straight to our setter, Aj Timan.  As a first time setter, he has improved a lot — he knows exactly how to get the ball in the air, giving a perfect set to our hitters — Rauhl Bagga or Ethan Pham (middle), Jacob Burt (outside), or Kavika Puailoa (opposite).

Luckily, this year our team is fortunate enough to have Kavika Puailoa because he plays volleyball outside Club in his free time.  His hits are so beautiful — they look so effortless!  Aside from him, our boys team is lucky enough to have a coach who takes the time to go through the fundamentals of volleyball to help the boys improve on their game rather than going through the motions and expecting them to be amazing players.  The whole team’s passing and hitting has improved tremendously — I believe they have a chance to dominate the Empire League this year!

As a volleyball player myself, I learned something from our coach, Coach Steve Millhouse.  It is to enjoy the game while it lasts.  Playing this game is such a stress reliever; I can’t think of a better feeling than taking your approach, jumping as high as you can, and hitting that volleyball straight down or getting that perfect pass from a hard serve from a serve receive. 
This season, the boys are looking forward to “KILL” other teams in the Empire League.  Because of our boys’ quick feet on defense, perfect passes, and amazing hits, I am more than confident that they have a shot to make it to CIF this year!  Best of luck to our Boys Volleyball Team for the 2017 school year!

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