This year my I had Key Club And Boys Baseball for my special assignments. Unfortunately, baseball season is just about to start so I had no opportunity to film them throughout this year. Key Club is an exciting experience for anyone that joins. I went and sold boba until 6PM at night trying to help my fellow Pioneer, and even though we tried to hard to encourage other students to buy boba for Key Club we still had six boba that was not sold. I didn’t have many opportunities to go film Key Club, for I had no ride to half the events, but I will try to go to all of Western’s Baseball games.

Key Club isn’t just a Western High School club; Key Club is an internationally renowned club “founded in 1925, is the oldest and one of the largest service programs for high school students…, it is a student-led organization whose goal is to encourage leadership through servicing others.” Although, it is not implied their political system is just like that of a democratic republic, and that in itself is quite amazing.

I hope that I have more chances to go to many Key Club events and film all of them. From ice skating to volunteering, there truly is no bound to what you can do in key club. Western High School’s Key Club is the biggest club in our school and with some initiative Western’s Key Club can be the best club in the district.

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