There are many cultures and ethnicities that make up the diversity at Western High School.  However, in my opinion, many are underrated just because Western is one of the most diverse schools in Orange County and the most diverse in the Anaheim Union High School District.

One race that makes Western complete is Polynesian. Polynesians come from thousands of islands that are scattered around the Pacific Ocean. And lucky me, I am fortunate enough to be the president for Poly club for the 2016-2017 school year! Our Polynesian Club here at Western is an organization that informs the students about the Polynesian culture and that it is just more than grass skirts and coconut bras.  One way our club does that is by teaching the members various dances from the different islands of Polynesia, such as the Samoan dances or the Haka. Once our members learn the dance countless practices to perfect them, we get to perform the dances as a whole during Western’s annual International Week.

In this club, you will learn about different traditions and cultures that each country in Polynesia practices.  Most importantly, you will make a TON of friends in this club that will be very close to you throughout your high school experience, which is pretty much what should happen when joining a club in high school.  The best thing about this club is that everyone is welcome to join and that most of the people that make up the Polynesian Club come from different races.

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