Real or Fake: The Turquoise M

This color has caused a lot of stir within the food industry due to their turquoise arch in Sedona, Arizona.  It was even said that it would be prevented from opening unless it followed laws that made the colors correspond with the buildings in Arizona.  Thus, McDonalds was forced to open a restaurant with their first even turquoise arches.

However, this McDonalds restaurant opened nearly 20 years ago.

Sedona incorporated as a city in 1988.  It was still building up its building restrictions years later.  At that time, McDonalds proposed to build a McDonalds in the area.  However, local officials wanted the color scheme to blend in with the city’s natural landscape.   Thus, a group of industry members worked together to come up with the color turquoise.

This certain McDonalds has brought lots of tourists as well.  Due to its unusual color, this McDonalds located in Sedona has brought a great amount of customers; throughout time, it has become a tourist attraction, simply for its uniqueness and differentiability.

Social media has brought lots of rating to this McDonalds, bringing its uniqueness into light. It definitely serves to be on your bucket list!

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