As time continues to pass and the world continues to grow so does our knowledge. Everyday there are new discoveries and every hour there are new ideas! I guess the saying “you learn something new everyday” is used pretty heavily as the years pass on. To add on heres an interesting fact I just learned about, did you know that happiness is actually a skill?

Well its true, the one thing everyone thought to just come naturally is actually a skill that we all, at one point, must learn. The popular theory of being a happy person is based primarily on personality traits and genes set early on in life. Well, recent research has led to prove that happiness levels can change dramatically over one’s lifetime which suggests that happiness is in fact not a trait that is predetermined by genes or personality, but is an actual skill that is actually learned.

In fact, studies have shown that over the period of 25 years happiness levels, in people, have shifted by one-third or more. Honestly it makes a lot of sense, happiness comes and goes, but those who are skilled are the ones that know how to hold onto it and continue pretty a content life. The skilled are those who are constantly optimistic and strive to have days greater than the ones they had before. They live in the present and stay determined to live life to the fullest even after maybe having many road blocks thrown their way.


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