Slump… that’s what the movie industry has been in. Failure after failure of movies came out this year. Now the blame isn’t toward just one but multiple companies like 21st Century Fox which released one of the most hated movies of 2016. The importance of this movie succeeding was huge, for the fact that the original movie is considered an amazing movie with one of the best movie speeches around. Unfortunately, its sequel botched in every way, having massive plot holes terrible dialogue and a boring story following it. Now for all gamer out there restrain yourselves, for I’m going talk about Warcraft, possibly one of the most stunning movies to come out, except for the fact that it was a complete failure of a movie. Just like all terrible movies, this one came with tons of plot hole, terrible acting, bland dialogue, and high expectations that were ultimately shut down.

I love movies, but when a movie is overhyped and the movie turns out to be a failure, I’m furious, it goes to show how greedy Movie companies are, always creating a movie to bring in revenue not to make something innovation or unique. I am hopeful that the film industries change the way they do things.

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