Included among Western’s fantastic clubs is RSVP. RSVP is an acronym for “Raising Student Voice and Participation” and it strives to let the voices of students be heard. This is done through the biweekly meetings and Summits that are put together by the board members.IMG_0169

RSVP is a district-wide club. This means that every school in the Anaheim Unified High School District has an RSVP on their campus. Along with the club, each school has a Student Ambassador. Western is proud to present Richard Hernandes as our Student Ambassador. Alongside Richie, we were fortunate enough to have a Student Representative to the Board of Trustees on Western’s campus this year: Ruthie Mendez.


RSVP’s main source of listening to student’s voices is through the Summits. Just this past October, Summit 1 went underway in which RSVP gained a wider knowledge of what students wanted to see changed on their campus. Many of the topics discussed included school lunches and bathrooms. The results have been put together and we are currently starting Summit 3. Summit 3 takes an interesting form this year. To have a larger amount of student involvement in improving our school based off of Summit 1 results, students at the RSVP meetings have chosen to join a committee. Each committee is formed around a subject that was highlighted at Summit 1. These committee’s meet during each RSVP meeting.


Interested in taking part of this process? Well, new members are always welcome! Just head on down to room 44 (Mrs. Castro’s room) every two weeks during lunch. Not sure when the meetings are? Then stayed tuned on The Pioneer Press’s daily video announcements to find out when our next meeting is!

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