It’s not your average pageant however, what holds true is that 8 Pioneers took on the task of becoming the next Mr. and Miss Pioneer. This year marked the 2nd time that there was contention for a Miss Pioneer all thanks to Evangeline Laino who put on a wonderful show with the help of Wendy Hernandez, Francisco Ozuna, Mia Urtez, Jehan Ezzuldin, and Samantha Perez. All the nominees spent around 2 months prepping for the big night which contained hysterical skits and unimaginable talents.

As the curtains exposed 4 couples that belted out into choreography to Justin Beiber’s “Beauty and the Beat” you can see the hope in their dance. The talent portion of the show was probably the most hysterical part of the show in which Seniors, Stone Simmons and Andy Ho, exhibited sheer love in their rendition of Pink’s “Just Give Me a Reason” with the crowd erupting in cheer and joyful cringe. Marycarmen Montanez however stole the show with her mannequin head that eloquently played piano covers of multiple songs. As movie skits rolled onto the screen in which versions of Zootopia, Lilo and Stitch, Snow White, and yes, White Chicks. Stone Simmons and Tiffani Nguyen recreated the cute characters of Officer Hops and Nick Wilde in which the audience bursted out into laughs when Aaliyah Chee came into her impersonation of a sloth. The most hilarious skit seemed to be a dance off between Savannah Batac-Kavika Puailoa and Kevin Maglalang-Kaipo Manliguis in a White Chicks led dance.

However, there can only be one Mr. and Miss Pioneer which was…Marycarmen Montanez and Kevin Do.


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