If you really knew me, you would probably know that my ALL TIME favorite TV show is One Tree Hill. I started watching this iconic TV show when I was in sixth grade, and I still obsess over it to this day. In fact, every time I finish watching the series on Netflix, I just rewatch it all over again. If I had to show you the best scenes from the series, I would probably link every single episode the series has. I love this show and every single episode, but here are my top 10 One Tree Hill scenes! 

PS. If you plan on watching One Tree Hill, you might not want to read this because there are a TON of spoilers!

#10: When Dan takes a bullet for Nathan

When Nathan finally returns to Tree Hill after going to Eastern Europe to scout European players for the NBA, he suddenly goes missing and causes some of the residents of Tree Hill to go crazy in order to find him. Since there was no one willing to find Nathan (Yep, not even the police!),  Dan went to extreme measures to find out who kidnapped his son. Dan eventually found out where Nathan was and when one of the men were about to shoot Nathan, Dan jumps right in front of Nathan, selflessly saving his son’s life.

#9: Nathan and Haley’s first kiss

After Nathan only asking tutoring from Haley to get at Lucas, he finally falls for her. In season 1 episode 8, Nathan throws rocks at Haley’s parent’s windows (of course he thought it was Haley’s window) in hopes of getting her attention. She then comes from behind and basically tells him that there is nothing he could do that will surprise her. He then interrupts her sentence and plants one on her! This kiss started one of the many beautiful relationships that occur throughout the series. 

#8: Crazy Katie shoots Clay and Quinn

After a wonderful trip from Utah with the whole gang to watch Julian’s movie premiere, Clay and Quinn cuddle by the fireplace reminiscing on their life together and make future plans. As tired as Quinn is, she gets up and walks to the bedroom, only to see the psychotic Katie who shoots her near her ribcage. Clay hears the gunshot and runs straight to Quinn to only see the same thing: Katie pointing a gun at Clay. She shoots him in the stomach and leaves both of them for death, until Haley finds both of them nearly 13 hours later.

#7: When Lucas finally forgives Brooke for cheating on him

Of course, the promiscuous Brooke Davis was caught cheating on her “non-exclusive” boyfriend, Lucas Scott. Lucas gave Brooke a harsh time–giving her the cold shoulder and being harsh with everything he said. At the end of the day, Lucas forgave Brooke told her, “I’m the guy for you, Brooke Davis.” One of the most romantic lines in the Brucas relationship! She responds with an, “I love you” leading to them sharing a sweet kiss and forgiving each other for their past mistakes. As much as I love Julian, I am team Brucas forever!

#6: The Tree Hill Ravens win the State Championship!

Throughout the whole game, Nathan was playing selfishly to lose the State Championship game so he could help some people who were gambling on the game. *SPOILER ALERT* After hearing the news that Nathan will be having a baby boy, he decides to not let anything phase him and joins alliances with Lucas, them being the “dream team.” With the team’s great chemistry, it still is not enough towards the end. When the Tree Hill Ravens are down by 2 and there are 30 seconds left. Nathan passes it to Lucas who is outside the 3 point line. Lucas shoots it, and guess what? HE SCORES! RAVENS WIN BY 1! THE TREE HILL RAVENS WIN THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!

#5: When Lucas fights “Psycho Derek”

If you guys didn’t know, Peyton Sawyer is one of the main characters in One Tree Hill. She doesn’t really like to open up to people, but when she does, they have her full attention! She meets her “half-brother,” Derek, in season 3. She spent a lot of time with him because she thought it was making up for lost times. However, after she saw that he had stolen her baby picture of her with Eli, she realizes that he is a psycho stalker who is not really her half brother. Derek follows Peyton home one day, and attacks her. Until Lucas and the REAL Derek come to the rescue and save Peyton’s life.

#4: Nathan and Haley get married!?

It’s kind of a weird story. They getting married in high school after only knowing each other for a year. But in this case, it opposites really do attract. Haley is the nerdy top student in her class and Nathan is a jock, the star basketball player. After setting their differences aside and realizing that they do like each other, they give each other a shot at a relationship. They both fall in deeply love and make the impulsive decision of getting married as juniors in high school! Although there are some that believed that they wouldn’t work out, Naley is the longest and most consistent relationship on the show. 

#3: Rachel takes the wheel from Cooper, causing them to drive off a bridge

Rachel was drunk and wanted to be with Cooper. So she tells him a lie and says she is pregnant with his baby. He refuses to believe her and wanted to talk everything out with her, explaining that he does not want to be with her. She does not want to hear the harsh reality, and takes the wheel from Cooper, which causes them to drive off the bridge and causing them to get stuck under water. Luckily, Nathan and Lucas save their lives!

#2: Julian saves Brooke’s life

There was a drunk driver coming in from Raleigh that hit Brooke and Jamie in a car that flipped over into a river witha broken levee. Brooke and Jamie then got stuck in the car, unable to move. And of course, Julian saves the day! He jumps into the river, with water rising fast. He tries to save Brooke first, but Brooke selflessly tells Julian to save Jamie first because he is just a little boy who has a lot to live for. She always, ALWAYS puts others before herself. After waiting too long, water filled Brooke’s lungs and she ultimately drowned, but Julian still got her out. She was pronounced dead, but after a miracle of Julian performing CPR multiple times, Brooke was able to cough out the water! 

and finally.

#1: When Dan kills his brother Keith

This scene is one of the most memorable scenes out of the whole One Tree Hill history that changed the show forever. This specific episode ties into every single episode that occurs after. The depressed and bullied Jimmy Edwards brought a gun to school after the constant loneliness and depression he’s felt for quite some time. After shooting someone, Jimmy causes them to go on a lockdown, holding 7 students hostage in the tutor center. Keith decides to make a very heroic decision and goes into the school hoping to talk Jimmy out of making any more terrible decisions. Unfortunately, Keith’s words were not enough for Jimmy and he decides to shoot himself in the heart. After Dan walks in and sees Jimmy laying on the floor with Keith in tears. Dan then picks up the gun and shoots his brother Keith due to anger that has been built up towards him ever since they were little kids. 

Well, there you have it! Trust me, if I could, I would have picked out every single episode from the series. As you can tell, I LOVE my One Tree Hill! I hope you guys consider watching this amazing TV show.

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