This is my top 7 winter wishes which is my wishes for the winter season and hopefully some of these wishes can come true during Christmas.

7. I want the iPhone 7 for christmas so I can stay updated with apple phones and it looks really nice.
6. I want the new TitanFall 2 game for xbox one because the game looks really good with the action and the graphics.
5. I want the new Gears of war 4 game for xbox one because I’ve been playing the gears of war series since xbox 360 and I really like the story to it too.
4. I also wish for new shoes like some nikes, vans, and Jordans.
3. I wish for some new clothes like sweaters, Jackets, socks, shirts, shorts and some compression clothes.
2. I also wish for a new laptop that’s called Omen with a 1 TB storage.
1. I wish for the best Christmas this year with my family all there to celebrate this special day. I also want it to be the best Christmas this year.

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