With Christmas approaching, I get many questions of what exactly I want for Christmas. For me, I like to take advantage to spend the day with my family, since we never get the opportunity to do so. I usually ask for little useless things that don’t do me no good. Although this year, I have decided to change it up a bit and ask for things that I might have been wanting throughout the year, that I know will benefit me. For starters, I have been wanting a digital camera ever since I started to use one for broadcast.  I have learn to use it a lot better, and now has caught my attention to continue to take photographs as a hobby. My second wish is to get tickets to see my favorite artist, Hozier. I am truly a fanatic of his music, and wouldn’t mind to see him perform right in front of me. A couple of his songs are Better Love, From Eden, and Jackie and Wilson. If for some reason is not planning going on tour any time soon, I would like, as my third wish, to get tickets to see either the Neighbourhood or Milky Chance. They too have amazing music that I would like to see live. My last wish on my Christmas wish list, is to get a new laptop. I have been in the need for a new one for a while.  It would be really useful especially because I will be attending a university, next fall, hopefully. Even though it may be a lot to ask for, if for some reason I don’t receive what I wished for, I do always have my money that I work hard for. This Christmas year, I am hoping to give more than I receive. My wish list may does not matter to me, compared to what my family and friends are wishing for.

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