REVIEW | Zootopia

Zootopia is one of my favorite 3D animated movie in this year. It is a movie that engages you to think on how this movie relates to real world issues and problems that we have to face in our society. Originally, the story of Zootopia wasn’t made with one story take. Phil Johnston and Jared Bush made six stories of what Zootopia might be but all the ideas got scratched off because something was off. They tried to change the settings of what or where the animals could be until finally they change the person who the story would be focusing on. In the Zootopia movie it was going to revolve around a fox by the name of Nick Wilde. The partner was going to be Judy Hopps. It was going to be a dystopian themed story which is some way it still is but the switch from Nick to Judy made the Story fit because of the point of view of the person. How Judy believed that anyone and everyone can follow there dreams no matter who they are. While Nick has already been through the real world believed that all of it is just baloney. Seeing the world in Judy’s eyes makes it seem like a utopia but there are some problems to be had and the story takes off from there.

The one problem I have is that the characters seem to get out of the predicament without them sowing how they got out of this or how they knew this. Other than that the movie showed great animations which had attention to detail. It also had referencing of things or gags from other Disney movies. This film was beautifully built and the voice actors gave them their all and made this story pop with a moral of a lesson to the end of Racism and how life is in the real world. That you can make anything happen with effort, not just by wishing or believing everything is ok. I hope this review wants you to see Zootopia for the first time or to revisit the movie to think on it differently.

Great animation!Wonderful characters and story!
A little slow at times.Somewhat predictable.
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