This year will be some senior’s last experience of being on a bus to an away game and a freshman’s first feeling of anxiety of participating on a grand scale. I’d like to revel in the past, present, and (hopeful) future years athletic feats achieved by the students and coaches themselves as well as look to the future of Western athletics.  This year, many individuals and teams have the ability to make it to CIF, restoring Western’s glory of athletics. Many contentious questions lie in this year’s caliber of sports due to the legacy Western has set for itself but we as athletes cannot be expected to grow and live up to that legacy at the same time, we only hope that our time and effort pays off. The student body ponders what dominance Western athletics will have in store to which I can only savor the feats notable student-athletes have made.

Several of teams and athletes have broken that glass ceiling. Earlier this year, our very own Football team defeated Kennedy, a once top-tier school, in which they put up a strong battle in their season.  Furthermore, Winter Sports meet their but they don’t meed their decline, as some seniors kiss their final season goodbye as young class of athletes will be taking on a new and improved league as the school enters Golden West League. We can only hope the best for athletics on Western’s campus.

It is startling, moreover repugnant to witness the lengths of how far one athlete would go to to be their best. However, we don’t consistently put ourselves under this torture for glorification or self-satisfaction; athleticism is simply a high for us because whether it’s love or not we share with our sport, it’s pure passion that we succumbed to in sports. Western’s athletics has a bright future ahead of them with the caliber of seniors eager to leave a legacy and for freshman, sophomores, and juniors to make their mark. As a student body, we can only show support for these athletes seeing as how they’re clocking in more hours in practice than they do in a good night’s sleep.

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