As a descendant of Mexican heritage in America, the holiday traditions that are established in my family are divergent and evolve every year. Unlike other students whom their parents came from Mexico, my family only integrated minuscule portions of what they did as children during the holidays.

For instance, Thanksgiving is not widely celebrated in Mexico. Since it is an American holiday, it has not been until recently that some families have chosen to celebrate this holiday. However, during the time that my parents lived in Mexico, Thanksgiving was a foreign celebratory day to them. Therefore, as I was growing up I did not have the annual Thanksgiving traditional meal; not even turkey. It has not been until two years ago that my family was finally “assimilated” into the tradition of the traditional Thanksgiving meal and foods.

Christmas, on the other hand, is celebrated in both the United States and in Mexico. I was fortunate enough to spend Christmas in Mexico a couple years ago so I now have a clear understanding of the differences and similarities of this holiday in both countries.

Both, for instance, set up the traditional Christmas tree with ornaments and lights in their homes. The more urban areas decorate their plazas with festive lights and decoration; like the streets here are usually decorated.

Many traditions are done in Mexico that are not done here. The Posadas are a dominant Mexican Christmas Eve tradition. This is when a group of people goes from house to house singing specific verses at each house. Those in each house have different lines as well. They go from house to house until the song signals it is the end. Usually, a feast or treat of some sort is followed at the end. Although similar to caroling, this promenade symbolizes the voyage of the Virgin Mary and Joseph as they try to find a place where Mary can give birth to Jesus. They are denied from house to house until they are finally taken in.

It doesn’t matter whether it is the United States or Mexico, both nations have shaped their own culture and traditions into these end of year holidays and both are equally as beautiful.


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