There are many lessons that life has taught us and will keep teaching us. High school is everyone’s big part in life because it’s where you get to know yourself and have experiances. Here are some tips for you guys to help you get through you’re high school years.

I know you probably really like someone but let’s be honest, high school relationships don’t last. Trust me. I’ve been there done that. However, if you have someone that doesn’t give you any problems and feel like that’s trully you’re soulmate or that goes to another school or outside of high school, go for it. (Since I never had that type of experiance) However, if you guys are going to the same school and have problems, there is no point in countinuing in that relationship. Once you see that that person may or maynot be worth it or doesn’t reach your standards, I recomend you to just end it becuase in the end it’s just going to make you feel bad and loose focus in school.

Tip #2 : Do your homework
Even though homework isn’t a big percentage of your grade, it still affects you in the long run. Homework also helps you to go over what you learned in school. So don’t be lazy and JUST DO IT!

Tip #3 : Focus on what you really want
Focus on your dreams and let everything else come to you. High school should be ALL ABOUT YOU. You are the one that’s going to make a diffrence in youre life and no body else should ruin your dreams. Focus on school, your sport, clubs, events, and other things you enjoy doing in high school. Adding to the “DON’T DATE IN HIGH SCHOOL” tip; if you are focusing on school and having someone wanting your attention, the odds are you both aren’t going to get what you want. Either focus on school or about your bf or gf. If you do do both well gosh dang it you desurve a crown! This is also why you shouldn’t date in high school because it looses your focus.

Here’s a video to show you the #School-code that Western High-schoolars give you.


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