10. Faze Apex

Faze apex has a about 3.7 million subscribers and always uploads daily with call of duty gameplay, reacting to videos, and vlogs of what he is doing. faze apex also uses a sniper to trickshot and uploads it daily to entertain his subscribers.

9. Scarce

Scarce is a news channel and talks about the problems, situation, and drama thats going on with youtubers life’s and plays his first person shooter games to entertain the gamers and talks about news thats going on.

8. H20 Delirious

H20 delirious is a gaming channel where he plays Horror games to shooter games and games where you can do anything like Garry’s Mod. Delirious also plays with some other youtubers and with all of these youtubers is what makes the video at its best. subscriber count about 8 million.

7. Vanoss Gaming

Vanoss Gaming is a gaming channel that has about 19 million subscribers, he also plays with a group of friends that play all together and play games like Grand theft auto, Garry’s Mod, Call of duty zombies, and many more. I think he’s a funny person especially when he plays with his friends and his animated series with his Owl character.

6. Markiplier

Markiplier has over 15 million subscribers and has the most hilarious gaming videos, funny commedy sketches, animated parodies, and much more entertaining videos like the try not to laugh, try not to cringe, and some five night at Freddy’s videos.

5. Ricegum

Ricegum is a channel that has over 4 million subscribers where he talks about the funniest stuff like kids doing cringy stuff like making musically’s and trying to do adult stuff but ricegum is trying to stop all of that in a funny way.

4. Faze Rain

Faze Rain is a gaming/vlog channel that has over 4 million subscribers where he plays call of duty and most of the time he is using a sniper to hit clips and trick shots. When ever he vlogs he always entertains his subscribers with pranks, whats going on at his house, and special events.

3. KSI

KSI is a channel that has over 14.9 million subscribers and where he reacts to videos, play video games, vlogs, and much more entertainment. My favorite video from KSI is got to be when he was plays Outlast (part 1).

2. WolfieRaps

WolfieRaps is a channel that has over 3.7 million subscribers but he exploded with a huge amount of subs after his viral video “Crazy instant water to ice magic trick” and so much more of his videos are so entertaining to watch where he takes on challenges, DIY’s, vlogs, and much more.

1. Faze Jev

Faze Jev is at the number one spot because his content is so funny to me and I find an interest into his videos and I want to make videos just like he did and hopefully be as popular as he is today. Faze Jev has about 2 million subscribers but he had exploded when people found out when he joined a call of duty team called faze because he made sniper montages, ragetages, horror games, and much more videos that I find interest in.

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