Autumn is more than just smelling the fresh air and the tress turning colors. It’s more than pumpkin patches and Thanksgiving dinners. It’s the start of football season at Western High School. I will never forget the time I helped this old lady carry groceries to her car. I was wearing my Western football attire. I still remember the priceless reaction she gave me when she read my tee. She grinned, “I dont usually like the people at Western, my grandson plays against your school.”

I laughed and gave her an “Oh yeah?”

She said, “It looks like you’re an exception.”

I smiled, “Westerns not all that bad, the people that go there are kind people.”

She got in her Mercedes, turned on the engine, and rolled down her window.

“I’m probably gonna see you again. My grandsons gonna kick your butt.” We both had a good laugh.

I waved goodbye, “Until then.”

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