Stress is the feeling we get when we’re under pressure, and unfortunately, Fall may be the most stressful season, for some of us. Over 2 million applicants will be applying to a college or a university. Many high school seniors don’t get put into so much stress until the day they decide to start applying to colleges. Seniors have to manage to keep their grades on top and have all finished assignments turned in on time, meaning stress will become a factor in their lives. We need to be prepared of how to deal will stress, and ways to overcome it. Here are some ways to reduce stress.

The first thing to do is to identify everything that is triggering your stress. This means separate the things you have to do from the things that you want to do or enjoy doing. The things you have to do are usually the things that are always on your mind and is causing you to stress over it. Make sure to incorporate the things you want to do in your schedule. This will help you to not lose yourself and become a total maniac. It is also important to also have healthy eating habits. Make sure to not lose yourself by eating unhealthy foods. For example, fast foods! And though caffeine may be at the top of your list, remember that too much caffeine, leads to overdosing.   

Make sure not to blame anyone for your problems and taking your stress/ anger on anybody else. Allow yourself to get fresh air and incorporate some kind of exercise to your daily life. Exercise can help improve your mood and stress relief. It is also important to allow yourself to be surrounded with positive people who won’t increase your stress, instead, lower it. A safe quiet environment will allow you to stay focus and not have distractions. Stay focused and determined, you may realize that it may come a long way.

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