When it comes to fall, I can say I’m a big fan. The weather gets colder and I get to wear knitted sweaters with some jeans and boots. Then, stay inside and watch some movies while holding a cup of hot chocolate every day for pretty much the rest of the year… wait no that’s not right. Well maybe in some other states this would be the case, but I live in California so this might work a day or two. Here in California the only way we know it’s a different season is when they announced it on the news or social media maybe we do notice because the temperature gets 10 degrees cooler (if we are lucky).

Fall is an incredible season makes things look like home reminds people about family or at least that’s how pictures and movies make it seem. When I go outside I see that one day the trees are still green and the next day all the leaves are on the floor colorful, but on the floor. It’s rare when you get to see one of those threes filled with different colored leaves.

There’s nothing we can really do, but enjoy what we do have actually being able to go outside during this time. Only because it doesn’t look like fall outside that doesn’t take away the fall spirit from people. They all decorate their homes and shops to make the insides look like fall. The best thing that fall brings if the act of thankfulness. During this time people become more appreciative of what they have and the people that surround them.

We can never forget Thanksgiving which is a great day that brings joy for thousands of people around the country. When people get together with their families and friends to say thanks for this year that they have lived.

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