Every Fall, it calls for a new school year with new classes and a new routine. But my inability to conform to change impacts my ability to be adaptable to which I am only to blame. However, I feel myself accepting the inevitable change. Change is good sometimes and, in this case, it’s even better.

This Fall season introduced me to a school year where I have hope in myself, my grades, and basketball. I spent too many nights stressing over those three components because those were ‘big three’ that mentally drained me. Which is why I like this change; I’m longer feeling hopeless because of school, no longer dreading my sport, and I’m finally believing that I can handle this school year. So yes, change is hard but change is good.

Everyone says Junior Year is the hardest year but I haven’t felt that pressure yet or maybe self-deprication is being a little slow on me. However, the ease of this school year makes it seem more quick, as if Senior Year is just around the corner. You see, myself and probably many other teenagers, are in this constant state of wanting to stay a child forever but feel the need to grow up due to the fact that we can’t change. I’ve used ‘changed’ excessively but it’s universal. ‘Change’ is a emotional mechanism we play on ourselves to test the independency of our mental stability. We as teenagers aren’t slipping through the cracks of society, we’re falling onto a mattress of faith or the cold concrete because face it, we still need to grow up.

Fall calls for an update on our life and we as a society find ourselves on the border of change. The season is here to give us time to accept the change in ourselves.

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