Women’s water polo at Western High has not been the same since joining the empire league in 2010. It has been six years and the lady pios have only made CIF one time which was the first year they joined the league. They haven’t even won a league game since, but this year is going to be different. We have a  starting lineup that have been playing with each other for a while now and a few game changing seniors. To start off we have a new goalie, senior, Karly Brady who has shown great potential and skill since joining last year and dominating on the junior varsity level. Our second key senior is Jessica Tarm, our two meter woman. Jessica has joined softball which has strengthened her shot and made her more of a threat from not only the inside but the outside as well. Our last and final key senior is Erika Trujillo who is our team captain and our set guard. Ever since swim season ended last year Erika has been putting in extra hours in the weight room to make sure she can overpower any two meter woman that comes her way. Overall, this is the most promising season for the team I have seen. af1qipm5gc59ly6bokg5wyu2ohdfr3oaaulhnfjqsisi-u

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