Halloween isn’t all about candy, clowns, and the occasional smell of death. It’s about the happiness it exerts, oddly enough. It’s a holiday that accepts the gothic genre as a norm in which the Addams Family is the family of year and where we all let our side of dark and light show. Halloween exerts spirit dressed in black and white.

As Halloween creeps up on us, I ponder in the memories made with this holiday. The Cold air of the fearful night hitting my skin as my dad accompanies me on this rendezvous of candy and childhood dreams. And in the fashion of teenage rage, I can no longer feel the holiday spirit simply because I’m no longer new. I, along with my friends and peers, are becoming washed up youth with only ourselves to blame. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays but unfortunately this will be my first year not trick or treating, which is where all the fun is right? Emptying the pillow case then sorting through the candies in disdain and carelessness.

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