Last year, I went to Horror Nights with my friends. We went on most of the mazes and it was really fun. While we were there, we also went on a couple of rides. The whole time I was there, I didn’t get scared once though, because of the bad line placement. The mazes had pop-outs and jump scares but it all happened in front of me or behind me.  I really wanted to be scared because it would’ve been funny but it didn’t happen.  Although I didn’t get scared, it was still a fun first-experience.

One maze that I do remember was the mirror maze.  There were mirrors everywhere and strobe lights popping out so it was hard to see.  All while this was happening, there was a monster in all the mirrors and in one mirror, he would pop out to scare people.  I remember this maze because all my friends got scared when the monster popped out because they were looking at all the mirrors and touching them. When they got close to the mirror the monster came out of, they walked past it and they were really scared when it popped out.  This maze was the most fun and I would definitely go back to Horror Nights again.

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