It is finally fall and that means the summer heat should be leaving now. Actually, we live in southern California so it has been freezing in the morning and blazing hot in the afternoon. It may be fall but do not be fooled; it is still very much summer weather. If you missed out on summer fun, like going to the beach, having a barbecue, or just chilling by the pool, it is not too late. Fall weather is not fully here yet so enjoy the summer weather while you can.

When fall does fully arrive, there are many advantages to the cooler weather. The most obvious and best one is not having to deal with the heat. When the weather is cooler, you finally have the chance to wear those sweaters and long sleeves you have been saving since winter. It is not winter yet so the temperature would be just right at all hours. You won’t have another time like this until spring, so when it does come, make sure to enjoy it while it lasts.

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