It is to be said that the environment that surrounds a community actually changes within the seasons of summer, fall, winter, and spring. To Californians, we can only tell if the season has changed by just one simple classification: Is it really hot or really cold? The other states seem to mock our intelligence of what an actual season is, and I don’t blame them. What do people with only one noticeable season know about the natural delicacies of each season? Just that leaves change their color and snow falls. Life on the other side of the United States is a whole different world from the sunny side that we are used to.

As my sister went off to college to the University of Georgia, she told me about there being actual seasons (like the ones you see online) instead of the weather just feeling hot or cold. She was absolutely amazed and could not stop talking about the changing of the seasons. I thought she was getting a little crazy, but when I gave her a visit last year in November, I knew exactly why she was acting like a little kid who went to the candy store for the first time. The leaves were actually red and brown, the colors that leaves are supposed to be during the fall, and actually fell to the ground like they are meant to do. My only instinct when I got to the university was to just lay down with the leaves and soak in every smell, every touch, and every scent I had been missing out on for my entire sixteen years of living. Now I was that crazy kid in the candy store, and I loved every minute of it.

My first fall experience wasn’t just eye-opening to what I have been missing out during the seasons, but what I have been missing out on in general. Not only did it make me want to travel and see the world more, but it gave me the urge to live somewhere else instead of California. I feel as if most Californians want to live elsewhere, but they are scared to venture out and try out new things of this country. I’m not going to lie, having summer almost every day is awesome, but I want to shovel out snow out of my drive way so my car can be able to roam the streets. I want to rake the millions of leaves that fall on my front lawn into a massive pile and jump into it. It may sound a bit childish, but what’s wrong with that? Childish is being happy, and maybe that is what the people from California need instead of the title for the angriest road-ragers in the U.S.


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