America’s favorite sport, football, is in season and a very surprising occurrence has unfolded this season. This has to do with the Minnesota Vikings and their new pickup, Sam Bradford, who has led the Vikings to a 4-0 start this season. Sam Bradford was picked up two weeks before season started after the Vikings thought-to-be new franchise quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater, suffered a season ending knee injury.

Now, the franchise spot is up for re-discussion as Sam Bradford is doing better than Bridgewater with a QB rating of 105.5 compared to his competition Bridgewater who finished last season with an 88.5 rating. This isn’t the only reason why Sam Bradford is making news either.

The Vikings have also lost their main source in offense as their star running back, Adrian Peterson, is also injured. Adrian Peterson led the NFL in rushing yards last year and was MVP in 2012. Sam Bradford is much more of a threat than people would have thought this season and is expected to win the division and secure a playoff spot if they keep it up.


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