It is that time of the year again, Pios. We have all survived the first quarter of the 2016-2017 school year! The freshmen are now on some level of beginning to feel comfortable with high school. Sophomores are glad they are not the “little freshman” of the school anymore. Juniors are ecstatic that they are so close to becoming seniors. And seniors, let’s just say they are itching to grab that diploma. The weather has begun to slowly drop (But in California, a little too slowly. It seems as if we are perpetually stuck in the mid-80 degrees), along with the temperatures; the leaves have begun to fall. Which means that just like the weather, barely any have fallen. Ahh, it’s the Cali weather we all love and adore. But besides the endless heat, autumn has also brought along many wonders such as sweater weather (if it ever gets colder), Friday Night Lights, Pumpkin Spice Lattes from Starbucks and pumpkin patches. And of course, how could I forget about the best day to ever exist in the history of best days: HALLOWEEN!

Despite the marvels that are correlated with the wonderful season of autumn, students are also beginning to struggle in the school work that they are now realizing got harder than the previous year, myself included. Freshman especially, (junior high seems really easy now, huh?), are being hit with a workload that seems close to impossible to complete. However, it is possible. And no, GPA does not test intelligence.

I am not here to give you tips on how to ace every test and get all A’s; I am not qualified enough to do that. However, I am here to share the mentality that I have acquired during the 2 and ¼ years in high school that has helped me reached my goals. It does not necessarily mean that it’s either my way or the highway because it is not. There are many “roads” one can take to reach success and I just want to help those who are stuck in the meadow field. Because trust me, I once was too.

Going back to what I said, GPA does not reflect levels of intelligence. It actually measures the level of discipline that the student has. So off of that thought, to get a decent GPA, hard work is NEEDED. Many people who are 10x smarter than me have worse grades because they choose not to study or try. So make sure to work hard, ask questions, stay organized and DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.

Now steering away from the academics, the high school experience varies from student to student and all depends on what people make out of it. If one students spends the majority of their four years in high school complaining and having a negative mindset, then well, let’s just say their high school experience will be something that they will never want to revisit in their mind. If another spends their high school career getting involved, working hard, being friendly or simply enjoying high school, the experience will be something to remember. From a personal standpoint, the more involved a student is, the more memorable the experience. Join a club or sport! Those have made my first years in high school extremely memorable.

On top of everything, just be a good person in general! Sometimes the smallest actions make the biggest differences. Picking up the trash is not hard. Neither is being nice to your teachers and peers and it will make peoples’ days if they are complimented. Doing these things does not require any hard work or effort and it makes the biggest impact.

I wish everyone the best of luck with this school year and beyond. Three more quarters left for seniors, seven for juniors, eleven for sophomores and fifteen for freshman.





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