Yes! My favorite time of the year… FALL! Leaves splattered all throughout under the trees, cozying up with layered of clothes and best of all, fall makeup looks. Fall makeup looks consist of dark, bold colors that are brownish/burgindy-ish. There are so many different looks from fall that one can come up with. Makeup is open-ended and has no rules and no limits, which is what I love about it. So be open-ended and free with makeup, because it is a form of expression. The looks that I will be talking about are just a few out of so many looks that can be created.

When one thinks of fall, they think of brown, burgundy, and basically just dark colors. There are so many different kind of makeup looks someone can pull of during the fall and it would still accommodate to the fall season. For instance, you can do a bold look and a natural look. A bold look is usually for when one goes out, and a natural look is just for a casual day that can be used just about any day.

For bold looks, one can do a cut crease which consists of a sharp crease; sadly, I don’t have any picture of a cut crease, but if you look it up online there are a bunch of images that show up. This look can be used for when you go out to party or a night out. Although it is very hard to achieve this look because it requires prior knowledge about makeup, if you practice a lot you, will be able to achieve this look. The perfect palette to use for any fall makeup looks would be the 35 0N Morphe palette, which consists of 35 eyeshadows and only cost $22.99, which is very cheap considering that it’s a high end palette and it’s under $25, because any palette costs around $50 and it only comes with 15 eyeshadows. This palette is perfect for fall because it consists of brown and nude colors.

For a natural look, you can easily just put a brown shade on your lids and then the look will basically be achieved. If you want to add more, just add a darker color on the corner of your eyelids and blend with an orange shadow and there it is: the perfect fall look. If you want to pump it up a bit, just add some fake natural eyelashes and the look will be complete. Also, don’t forget the nude or dark matte lipstick or lipgloss to complete both looks. If you want a nice burgundy lipstick, I recommend Vamp by Kat Von D. If you want a brown lipstick, I recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills LipGlosses; she has a variety of different colors.

Remember that there is no rule to makeup and you can even go and do different dark colors for fall, such as dark blue or maybe even green; be creative and just have fun with it.

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