Autumn is probably my second favorite season of the year. The weather changing from hot to cold is the best part, then the whole atmosphere changes as well. As the trees shed their leaves, the hot summer days turn into cloudy and rainy days. We all adapt to the weather with sweaters and a wonderful cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Then the holidays roll around, which makes everything better. No school. Spending time with your family during the holidays that fall offers is another reason why autumn is just a wonderful season. Fall offers many different benefits to everyone that enjoys the cold.

Another thing that makes fall a little bit better is my birthday; my birthday is October the first which falls in the season of autumn.  And what about the holiday we all love and get food comas on? Thanksgiving. Everyone loves thanksgiving which is another reason why fall is such a good season, plus right before that is Halloween. Halloween is a time where I just watch and see how kids grow, because I was once one of those kids walking around trick-or-treating and now I’m with my little cousins watching them grow older and older until they watch the young ones trick-or-treat.

Fall is wonderful.



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