Fall… It’s the time of warm colors emerging, the air turning chill, and the scent of pumpkin spice all around. Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. I’m tired of sweating almost every single day and getting yelled at by my mother because I keep turning on the AC in the house. So move aside Summer, because its Fall’s time to shine.  There is just something about fall that makes me feel warm even though the degrees are dropping like the leaves from the trees. One thing for sure is pumpkins are a must-have and are especially one of my favorite parts of fall.

While growing up, my father would take my family and I to pumpkin patches to pick our favorite one; this still continues to be my favorite thing. It is something considered simple and basic but it holds a powerful emotion to me. Pumpkins just bring in a wave of memories of my childhood. I’m taken back to the time of all the successful and unsuccessful tries of pumpkin carvings with my cousins, or the time when my grandmother made too many different kinds of pumpkin food and I became ill due to me overeating for wanting to try every single thing that came out of that kitchen door, and I’m even taken back to simply smelling the pumpkin spice lattes my godmother would always get from Starbucks. Ironically, I have never tried a pumpkin spice latte even though I have a little obsession with pumpkins and food.

In my perspective, each season brings many memories to each person. We all feel a unique kind of attachment. To me, fall brings reassurance, warmth, and safety. It is not something I am able to put on paper or even form the correct words to escape from my mouth. I think it simply has become a place where I am able to go back and remember my childhood. I just cannot wait to start smelling the scent of pumpkin spice all around when I walk through a Starbucks door.


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