Looking Back

I just started my junior year and three months into it, I’m still trying to figure out where my summer went. Summer was supposed to be never-ending, but the time flew away as if it were nothing at all. Over this summer, I realized that we lose track of time so quickly that we don’t even realize it; fall is the start of new beginnings, new adventures and new stories to be told. Looking back at this summer I saw that it was my time for new beginnings. This summer I saw a side of me I haven’t seen in a while and another side of me I never want to lose.

During the summer I went to two conferences along with a lot of volunteer work at my church named Knott Ave Christian Church or KACC for short. I went to a camp known as CIY from July 6th through the 11th at Biola University. At that camp, I found a part of me I hadn’t seen in awhile; I had seen the past me that was sad, alone, and lost; but I didn’t want to feel that way. My relationships with friends were the ones that helped me to not feel that way; we made new stories and they helped me make a new beginning.

I met a group of new people at another conference called Jesus Walk From July 20th through the 23rd at Hope University; our group name was The Divine Fire-Benders. Even though we had never met before, came from all kinds of different backgrounds, and had different personalities, we all got along as if we were family and had known each other for years. Meeting that group that consisted of me, Caroline, Maristelle, Sammy, Josiah, Jordan, Marc, Garrett, Micheal, and Jackie; they really changed my summer for the better. It showed me that relationships of any kind can really help people help in different ways, looking back on this summer showed me that anytime is a time for new beginnings, stories, and relationships.

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