Sally and her handicapped brother, Frank, go on a roadtrip with other friends to visit their grandfather’s grave. On the way there, they stumble across Sally and Frank’s abandoned family home, which sends out sparks of joy and nostalgia. But little did they know that their next door neighbors are a family of viscous, merciless, and cannibalistic killers. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is known to have instilled the elements of a true slasher film, such as having the killer portrayed as a violent psychopath with bladed tools as their weapons of choice. This movie soon turned out to become a legend in the film industry, and is considered to be one of the best horror movies in American History.

The first five minutes of this film was probably the eeriest in my opinion. The unsettling and nerve-wrecking music gave me goosebumps and made my heart race. The way the text came onto screen and how the pictures of the gorey subjects flashed onto the screen made it seem that the tragic events really did happen.

An additional aspect that I liked about this film is that the acting was great. The hysteria and fear the character expressed was vivid; you felt like you were in the character’s shoes. The anticipation in this film was also cleverly crafted. There were some scenes that had you at the edge of your seats; when it looked like the character is within arm’s reach from the killer, you’re sitting there biting your nails and screaming for the character to run faster, to push harder.

However, what I didn’t like about this film is that some of the actions the characters did were incredibly ridiculous and unrealistic. Moreover, the ending was slow-paced and quite boring. It was longer than it needed to be and by this point I just wanted to film to be over. I’m about literally to summarize the ending for you right now: 90% of the ending was Sally screaming her head off and the family of cannibalistic killers just….laughing. 10% of it was actual thrilling events.

Overall, I feel that this movie is too overrated. I had too many expectations for this movie which may be why I didn’t like the movie as much as I wanted to. The one thing I liked about the film was the first five minutes and when Leatherface would chase the characters (I got a good laugh out of that). Everything else seemed irrelevant to me; not worth remembering. I’d give this film a 2.5 rating out of 5.

REVIEW: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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