Four years. It’s been four years since the exquisitely written and produced Channel Orange had been released but in that time the internet had found itself posting memes about Frank Ocean to cope with the inevitable pain that was our grueling wait for a new album. We as a whole found ourselves engulfed in articles that screamed out rumoured dates of the then mysterious album to which the world and blogosphere had gone into a frenzy at every article, Apple Music promo, and even outside sighting of Mr. Ocean because we had to hold onto something to believe that there was music to come. But one sultry August night, Ocean drops a his visual album: Endless. The next day at the odd hours of the afternoon, he drops his sophomore album: Blonde. 

Four years of pain, patience, love, and struggle are packed in this 17-track sobfest that is Blonde. The album Ocean has curated has all the elements of struggle, simping, lost youth, and individualism jampacked in the broken chord and empathetic lyrics that he supplies us with. From “Nikes”, a song that calls out the importance and dangers that is individuality to “Good Guy” that explores how finding love in someone can’t be rushed but only a process. Furthermore, songs like “Ivy” pushes the boundaries of love and youth, which we all know don’t go well together, but Ocean takes us on a trip where we, the listeners, use “Ivy” as a gateway to reminisce about someone.

Blonde is a one of a kind masterpieces that is, in my opinion, a voice of a generation. Tackling serious subjects of race and sexuality to the innocent puppy-love we all remember and regret, Ocean curated a magnifying jawdropping album that was worth the wait. Okay, maybe 4 years was a little too long but it took D’Angelo 10 years. A powerhouse of grand sounds, authentic lyrics, and raw emotion in every vocal chord to haunt the soul, to which I applaud Ocean for doing. Blonde is a heartbreaking collection of youth and demeanor that currently and permanently sculpts the cracks of our own individuality.

Review: Blonde by Frank Ocean
Smooth melodiesRelevant songwriting
Too whinyLong wait
88%Final Score
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