I hope you don’t walk into the school year thinking it will be a breeze, but I also don’t want you to think that everything is impossible. Realistically, high school is hard and Sophomore year is that awkward space in high school where no one cares about your grade because you’re no longer new like a freshman but you aren’t held to a higher standard like Juniors and Seniors. There will be nights where you will stay up past midnight in order to finish that huge project or that one math problem you just don’t understand and in that moment you’ll realize how much high school controls your life. Consequently, Sophomore year will crack down on you mentally and physically, then make you believe there is nothing left but that’s not true. Nevertheless, high school goes by quickly and before you know it you’re a Junior and then a Senior but I hope I can be of assistance to the Class of 2019.
Get involved! Whether it be in a sport or a club just JOIN! It means more to dress up for Spirit Weeks, joining clubs, and being active in school than it does watch everyone else have fun doing it.
By all means, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. Ah yes the number one killer in a student’s GPA is the big bad monster that goes by ‘Procrastination’. In fact, learn to manage your time for after school commitments, homework, and studying by practicing time management. Don’t know how? Here’s a trick: make alarms for yourself for when you should start your homework, study for the History benchmark, or making your Chemistry formula sheet. Trust me, your sleeping schedule will thank you for this.

There will be teachers you don’t like but don’t let that stop you from learning. You may not like a teacher because they have really harsh rules or other unidentified reasons but don’t let that stop you from mentally growing. Believe it or not these teachers want to help you succeed in these 4 years of high school so don’t let that internalized anger take over you, make that your fuel to do better and prove something.
Avoid the noise. Yay! You’re a sophomore which means you don’t get booed in the assemblies anymore! But that’s not what I mean when I say ‘noise’, I mean delete yourself from the unhealthy, mentally engrossing things from your life. These things or even people will drag you down and the climb back up is just as hard as the fall, don’t let yourself spiral down. Furthermore, control yourself and feed your brain instead of frying it.
I don’t want any sophomore to believe that they can no longer achieve anything greater than themselves instead I want you all to fight to become the best. Don’t let a hard class or a rough coach make you want to give up, let that anger or sadness fuel you, it’ll save you in the end.


a Junior Who Wished Someone Warned Her

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