HELLO EVERYONE! Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year and I have a list here to state why I like Fall… honestly I really don’t like summer, due to the hot weather (but I definitely like rad summer nights) but I like colder days so this is the first reason why I like fall, the cold weather. I love coffee and tis the season of PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!!!!!! I love wearing boots so this season is Boot and sweater weather, also I love stepping on leaves just to hear the crunch sound.

Baking is one of my hobbies and Making pumpkin bread from scratch is one of my favorite recipes during this time of year. If you know a bri, you’ll know that she turns into a HUGE BOOKWORM during the fall, because its just cool to read on rainy/coldy days. Keeping your hair up in buns actually protects is and helps it from getting damaged so messy buns are an essential during this time of year.

Some of my favorite fall activities would be Apple and pumpkin picking, going on a huge shopping spree for Fall scented candles, hiking during the fall because its not too hot nor cold and just going on cool adventures. Dressing comfy is really nice so Cute fuzzy socks, Sweatpants and yoga pants kinda become my BFF’S. Lastly  Decorating with dead flowers (usually sunflowers) gets me in a cool fall mood.













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