courage the dogJust take a moment to remember the good ol days when you were a kiddo, you didn’t stress about anything, and the things you’d do on your usual Saturday mornings was watching the boomerang or Disney channel..while eating pancakes. I’m pretty sure every 90’s kid remembers this show “Courage the Cowardly dog”..even though this show scared me and I had nightmares from this one mummy episode, I still kinda enjoyed it. It’s imprinted in my head, I seriously remember my whole nightmare and the one line the mummy was saying, “return the slab,” basically I was in the show and I was running away from the mummy with Courage the dog.

This show was actually really scary… most kids didn’t watch this show, but I just changed the channel when it was a scary scene. Basically, Courage the dog is scared of everything, and he always tends to run into misadventures with his owners, Muriel and Eustace. Muriel is a sweet scottish woman and Eustace is a grouchy old man that always tends to call courage “stupid dog!”

This animated series of horror cartoons started in 1999. Cartoon network gave permission for this show to release their first season. Ghost_of_King_Ramses

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