It seems that every trend from the 70’s-90’s has made a huge comeback the past few years, some die out and some remain relevant, but I think the only truly timeless thing in this universe is music.  Whether it was made a week, a month, or a century ago- good music is always good to someone. Music is a pretty big part of who I am, without it I wouldn’t make it through a school day, a day at the gym or even be able to sleep at night. I am constantly surprised by the originality and creative process behind every artist/song, and the 70’s-90’s were undeniably a time where iconic music was made… so here’s some of my favorite bands.

The Cure from Friday I’m in Love to Boys Don’t Cry, my love for the cure is endless. The Cure surely pushed boundaries by their risky and questionable style but remained unfazed throughout time, despite them not putting out too much new music, they remain relevant and will always leave a legacy behind.

The Smiths Morrissey definitely takes the spotlight when it comes to The Smiths, but I know each member plays just as significant of a role. The Smiths widened my perspective and were actually one of the first bands I was introduced to within the genre.

Radiohead I’m not listing these in any particular order, but if I had to Radiohead would make it to the top of the list for sure.  Radiohead are living legends.  I discovered them from the song “Creep” and immediately had to hear more. Radiohead’s music has a completely unique and irreplaceable sound to it.  Talk Show Host is one of my favorites by them and I highly recommend you take a listen.

Sonic Youth’s music is amazing and I can’t say that enough.  Completely unique and most of their music I listen to has more of a grim tune to it- which they pull off so well. I feel like it’s hard to make slow/grim music and actually make a statement because artists can easily risk being boring or sounding generic over time.  But that wasn’t a problem with Sonic Youth at all.

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