This top 10 has no specific order and is just my opinion (also this top 10 exceeds all genres), but these movies are a good watch and I’ve enjoyed these

10. Life Of Pi: I caught this movie on 30 minutes into the plot and it already had me highly invested. Beginning in Canada as a writer visits Indian story teller Pi Patel, Pi shares A strong story of his childhood and how he was shipwrecked as a boy and had to survive at sea.

9. Looper: Starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis in this creative action movie about time travel. I know how it sounds “time travel” what a bland theme, but take the time to invest in the story itself and it’s beyond that.

8. Watchmen: I was trying to avoid DC and MARVEL movies and superhero movies in general for cliche reasons, although it’s safe to say this is far from a cliche superhero movie. Man vs Himself is the main problem these

7. 500 Days of Summer: A loveeeee movie at it’s finest, but it’s my favorite for good reason. This movie shows the harsh reality of love which is relatable at times, and if you truly love someone let them go.

6. Nightcrawler: This movies starts and ends with a hissing twisted feeling thanks to the great and unique performance of Jake Gylenhaal. Night crawling (the act of capturing and recording crimes at hours of the night for money) can be dangerous, but for a shady drifter it’s just another job

5. Mud: Coming of age/thrillers have a way of sticking in your head and have good re watch value compared to other movies, and this is exactly what this movie exhibits.

4. Reservoir Dogs: A bank heist goes wrong and of course scoping out who the rat is a very anxious process in this, but what makes QT movies so good is the casual conversation and the slow buildup technique he uses.

3. DOPE:  I recently watched this one and liked it a lot, because of it’s casual teen humor about it, and it’s point of view of a young adolescence losing his innocence.

2.  X-Men Days Of Future Past: OK LAST SUPERHERO MOVIE I SWEAR, but this movie wasn’t all action and explosions and whatnot it actually meant a lot. It fixed the X- Men movies by going to the past and putting everything back on track which was a smart move credited to the script writers and directors.

1. End Of Watch– I enjoy this movie because of the genre it was filmed being probably my favorite film style, “Found Footage”. this genre captures everything the way it was meant to be captured as if you did it at school, and the hard streets of south central made it feel even more real

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