In 2013 there were 610,042 people that were homeless on a given day. 65% of those were living in housing programs 23% lived in unsheltered location; nearly 23% of those people were children under eighteen years of age 10% are are between 18-24 years of age, and 65% are people who are older that 25 years old. These are just statistics that we can’t change from one day to another.

Many people have worked to change this, but I have realized that every time there’s less and less people that care about these unfortunate people. One of my favorite quotes is “people were created to be loved and things were created to be used, the reason the world is CHAOS is because things are being loved and people are being used,” and I find it to be so true. Now people just care about themselves, we don’t pay attention to the people that are being hurt around us. If we pay attention around our cities I’m sure you will find many people that are in need, people that made a big mistake and were left with nothing, people that were unwanted by family members and were forced to leave.

Why is it that we think that people must be there for us when we need help or when we feel alone if we can’t go up to a stranger and just ask them whats there name, ask them how they’re day was. Don’t say you can’t talk to them because they’re are strangers because at one point we all had to talk to a stranger and some of those strangers became our friends. Don’t say that they look scary, remember the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” well try to apply it here because you never know what you will learn from a person of find out about them. We won’t ever find out what’s their story if we never go find out.

Some of the people were once a hero to someone, some fought in a war, and most are unknown.

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